GoNap Crawlers

Brand: Rock Your Bump

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Designed for the non-stop, drop, crawl and rollers! 9kgs-12kgs

Each GoNap contains

  • 1 x eco-conscious unisex disposable nappy¬†60% biodegradable
  • 1 pack of 5 x fragrance & alcohol vegetable fibre wet wipes¬†100% biodegradable
  • 1 x eco-conscious PLA plastic change mat/disposal bag ¬†60cm x 40cm

So grown up and ready to explore! And by explore we mean that your little mini is as busy as a colony of ants. The’ve been inside for 9 months, then pretty stationery after that, so now that they’re mobile, nothing is going to hold them back – so you need to be on your game to keep up!  Free up your time and hands, just grab a GoNap and Go!

GoNap Crawlers are with you all the way as your park visits are becoming more frequent and sitting in the trolley seat is a new found adventure.

  • Available in a pack of 10 online only.
  • Buy 10 with free shipping today!
  • PLUS a limited edition GoNap teether OR lanyard as our special introductory gift to you!